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Dressed by Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka (born July 28, 1957) popularly known as Father Ejike Mbaka. He is a Nigerian Catholic priest who also plays music and is the founder of Worship Ministries in Enugu State. He is one of the best known religious figures in South East Nigeria, especially in the political and Catholic folds. He was transferred from Worship Ministries in Enugu State in Monastery on October 3 due to various controversies.

Father Mbaka Biography

Full name :

Dressed by Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka

Popular name:

Rev. Prof. Ejike Mbaka

Date of Birth :

July 28, 1957

Place of birth :

Amata Ituku, Awgu LGA, Enugu State, Nigeria

State of origin:

Enugu State, Nigeria


Catholic clergyman, musician, entrepreneur

Social media handles:

Twitter: @FrMbaka

Youth and education

Father Mbaka was born on July 28, 1957 in Amata Ituku, Awgu LGA, Enugu Stateto the late chief Humphrey Ogbuefi Mbaka and Felicia Mbaka. He grew up in a village populated by palm wine tappers.

He did his primary and secondary education in Enugu Statewhere he attended St. Vincent Secondary School, Agboguguin Awgu Local Government Area Enugu State for his secondary studies. Mbaka received his priestly formation in Seat of the Seminary of Wisdom in Owerri, Imo State, and Saint Joseph Seminary at Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State. He received his priestly ordination on July 29, 1995, in the a Roman Catholic church in the Order of Melchizedek.


When he was a child, Fr. Mbaka organized block rosary prayers in their neighborhood. He also praised St. Anthony Parish in the Ituku Prayer Warrior Squad, which revitalized Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Father Mbaka’s pagan father fiercely opposed his aspiration to become a Catholic priest. His father and those close to him resisted the idea of ​​him becoming a priest. But on July 29, 1995, at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Enugu, His Lordship Bishop Michael Ugwujah Eneja consecrated Fr. Mbaka as a Catholic priest. Following his ordination, Fr. Mbaka was assigned to Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Enugu as assistant to the diocesan administration.

While serving as assistant diocesan administrator, Fr. Mbaka made evangelization trips beyond the cathedral. He frequently visited Capuchin and CG Enugu celebrate masses for the faithful. The Eucharistic Word of Jesus Prayer Center was later established by him, and it later evolved into Enugu Worship Ministries, Nigeria (AMEN). He served as parish priest in many parishes in the Diocese of Enugu, including Christ the King Parish in GRA and Our Lady of the Roses Parish in Emene. The weekly prayers are attended by thousands of devotees at Worship Ministries in Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN). He was recently transferred to the monastery.

Private life

According to Punch tabloids, Fr. Mbaka donates more than $2 million to charity each month. Additionally, he owns Aqua Rapha investmentsa company that produces bottled water, sachet water, yogurts and soft drinks.


Pr. Mbaka accused this governor Moroccan Nnamani was responsible for the stampede that claimed the lives of ten worshipers and an unborn child in 2001. The late Sani Abacha, Moroccan Nnamani, maybe ohakim, Rochas Okorocha, good luck jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari, Emeka Ihediohaand other leaders were criticized by Fr. Mbaka.

Prior to the 2020 court ruling, he planned Hope Uzodimma would be elected Governor of Imo State. Father Mbaka demanded the resignation of President Buhari in response to the country’s security concerns. According to a press release from Garba ShehouFr. Mbaka traveled to Buhari in April 2021, seeking a contract as payment to support him in the 2015 general elections, but the President rejected it.

Buhari’s support for the 2015 general elections

On December 31, 2014, Mbaka addressed a congregation and encouraged them to remove the then president, Good luck Ebele Jonathan, from office because he had failed to stem the rise of corruption and insecurity in the country. In line with his priestly and prophetic ministry, Fr. Mbaka called for a change in the administration. Since receiving his priestly ordination in a Roman Catholic churchFr. Mbaka has constantly directed, advised and warned all the administrations of Nigeria.

Compensation to support Buhari

Mbaka demanded that President Buhari resign on April 28, 2021, due to escalating insecurity in Nigeria. The Nigerian Presidency responded to Mbaka’s call with a statement via Garba Shehu, saying Mbaka is upset that President Buhari ignored his request for contracts after asking for them as payment for his support in 2015 and 2019.

Conflict with Ebube Muonso

The Reverend Fathers Mbaka and Emmanuel Obima (Glory to you) refuted the false claim that there were instances of rivalry that once existed.

Attack of Peter Obi

Father Mbaka was once seen preaching to his congregation, attacking the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Pierre Obi, for the presidency. He accused him of being a miserly individual and said he would not make a good leader due to his miserliness. He however rescinded his statement after receiving backlash from the public as such a statement is unbecoming of a priest.



  • jesus i will live with you
  • Hands and snakes
  • Ike M Kwo Aba (My Reliable God)

Selected songs

  • Ayeye Praise Mix
  • Ike M Kwo Aba (My Reliable God) Medley
  • here is the king
  • Alias ​​Ndi Muo Moshi, Pt. 1
  • merciful god
  • The mixture of miracle workers
  • Odogwu Na Agha
  • Praise be to God, the doer of good
  • Song of the Rev. Ejike Mbaka
  • jesus i will live with you
  • God created the world, remember me
  • When I started doing good
  • Judah Emerigo’s Death Medley

Awards and nominations

  • He was honored by the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PIMAN).

Net value

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Social media handles

Twitter: @FrMbaka

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