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Ex-Bauchi Commissioner’s Case Not Outright Murder – CP Provides Update on Ex-Bauchi Commissioner Accused of Killing His Friend

Bauchi Ex-Commissioner?s case not outright murder ? CP gives update on former Bauchi Commissioner accused of killing his friend

Bauchi State Police Commissioner Umar Mamman Sanda said the case of a former Bauchi Information Commissioner, Mohammed Damina, accused of killing his friend, Adamu Babanta, is not an outright murder case.

Briefing reporters on the case on Monday, November 14 at Bauchi Police Headquarters, the PC said clarification needed to be made due to recent public accounts of the matter.

The police chief said the findings established that the suspect was a neighbor of the deceased and called the daughter of the deceased on the phone and arranged to meet her at a crossroads near the gate of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Yelwan Tudu Market, Bauchi.

Sanda said: “Khadija’s father, who is now deceased, met them (Damina and the deceased’s daughter) at that time, although they were not together inside the suspect’s vehicle or in a compromised position, instead, she was standing with the motorcyclist who brought her to the scene.

“Then his now deceased father went straight to the occupant of the vehicle (Mohammed Damina), and the two of them began exchanging heated words to such an extent that the now deceased father started to shout ‘barawo-barawo’ (thief-thief).

“It was confirmed by an eyewitness: the girl, her older brother and the suspect.

“The implication of this was to draw the action of the crowd of passers-by and passers-by.

“In the process, the accused attempted to start his vehicle with the intention of zooming out and avoiding a public escalation of the situation, including possible crowd action, but the deceased suddenly opened the driver’s side vehicle door.

“Nevertheless, the accused engaged his vehicle and accelerated while Khadija’s father was still clinging to the car door. As a result, he was dragged some distance, when he fell, bumping into thus the head on the pavement of the road with impact.

“The victim was rushed to ATBU University Hospital in Bauchi for treatment, but unfortunately he was confirmed dead by a doctor.”

Recall that it was reported that a former Commissioner of Bauchi was arrested for allegedly killing his friend who confronted him for making sexual advances to his teenage daughter (read here and here).

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