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Schooling will not be the measure of success

Education ain?t the yardstick to success - Chinko Ekun

Nigerian rapper Chinko Ekun has mentioned that whereas he believes schooling will not be a fraudulent enterprise, nonetheless, it isn’t the measure of success.

In accordance with the rapper, a toddler must study to “meet up with expertise and the way the world is altering.” Chinko additionally mentioned that kids must be taught that they’ll make a residing from sport and their expertise.

He tweeted;

Schooling will not be a rip-off, however it isn’t the criterion of success. Two methods to interpret or decipher: A baby should study to meet up with expertise and the way the world is altering. A baby should study that it’s doable to earn a residing by way of sport, abilities, abilities and extra…

Education is not the measure of success - Chinko Ekun

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