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“Cristiano Ronaldo can’t stand that the team is better off without him”

"Cristiano Ronaldo can't stand that the team is better off without him"

Former Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor has slammed Cristiano Ronaldo as new revelations continue to emerge from the Man United star’s explosive interview.

In his explosive interview on Talk TV, the Portuguese striker complained about the current state of the club and revealed his issues with manager Erik ten Hag and former players.

But Agbonlahor insists the Portuguese star’s comments stem from a place of envy and that Ronaldo cannot ‘deal’ with the team performing better in his absence.

Speaking on TalkSport, Agbonlahor said: “I think the big problem with Ronaldo is that he couldn’t deal with the fact that maybe the team is better off without him this season.” Last season, no. But this season they look better without him.

On the same segment, pundit Alan Brazil said: “I think he misses Fergie. His control over everything. The club, the first team, the reserves. Everything. I don’t think he sees it. appropriate direction.

Ronaldo has revealed he was “close” to joining Manchester City last year, only for Sir Alex Ferguson to dissuade the former Manchester United star and convince him to return to Old Trafford.

He explained: ‘Well, honestly, it was close. It’s something they’ve talked about a lot and Guardiola said two weeks ago that they had done their best to get me.

‘But as you know, [because of] my story with Manchester United, your heart, your feelings, what you’ve done before, [it] makes the difference of course – and also, Sir Alex Ferguson.

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