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Brenda Fassie Biography | Age | Career | Death

Brenda Fassie Biography |  Age |  Career |  Death

Brend Fassie is a South African singer, dancer, songwriter and activist. She is known as “Queen of African Pop”, the “Virgin of the Cantons” Where The Black Madonna. She was a famous musician whose music lyrics resonate deeply with the people of South Africa.

Brenda Fassie Biography |  Age |  Career |  Death

Brenda Fassie Biography

Full name :

Brenda and Kuzola Fassie

Date of Birth :

November 3, 1964

Nationality :

South Africa

State of origin:

The cap

Social Media Manager:

Instagram: brenda_fassie_the_legend
Twitter: @BrendaLegacy

Active since:


Early life

Brenda and Kuzola Fassie was born on November 3, 1964 in Langa, Cape Town. It bears the name of the famous American singer Brenda Lee. she is a Xhosa woman and bears her traditional name And calm. She is the youngest of her father’s nine children.

At the age of two, she lost her father and was raised by her mother who was a pianist. In order to take care of Brenda and her other children, Brenda’s mother had to start singing for tourists so she could earn some money.


Brenda started her musical career at a very tender age. She started singing with her mother as an accompaniment. Five-year-old Brenda already has tourists paying to hear her sing. Later, she puts together her group, the Toddlers.

In 1981, she was visited by a renowned producer, See the car, who came from Johannesburg to visit Brenda after two Cape Town musicians told him about her. Lebona wanted to confirm the talent the city was talking about. Lebona met Brenda, saying her voice was very mature for her age and was “the voice of the future”.

Eventually, Brenda went to live with the Lebona family in Soweto. She was supposed to finish her studies before starting her musical career, but one of the singers of the singing trio joy went on maternity leave. Because of this, Brenda had to replace her and later became the lead singer of a township music group called Brenda and the big guys.

In 1983 she began her first recording, releasing the hit single “Weekend Special”, which became a hit record and quickly sold out at the time. The song went viral, locally and internationally. This hit got Brenda and the Big Dudes spinning United States, Europe, Great Britain, Brazil and Australia. During the first 10 years of her music career, she also established herself as a solo pop star.

In the late 80s, she partnered with a music producer, Sello Twale known as Chicco. Brenda and Sello’s partnership has proven to be one of the most successful partnerships in the South African music industry. The Scrapbook Too late for mom which was the result of their partnership, achieved platinum status in 1989.

Around this time, she became addicted to cocaine and her career suffered greatly. However, Brenda has achieved enormous popularity thanks to her strong opinions, her regular trips to the Johannesburg slums and her songs about life there. She also used her music to fight against the apartheid regime in South Africa. In 1989, she released the song “Black President”a song dedicated to Nelson Mandelaa political prisoner who later became South Africa’s first black president.

In 1995, she was found in a hotel room with the body of her lover, Poppy, who had died of an apparent overdose. Later, Brenda went through rehabilitation and eventually regained her career. Yet she still had drug issues and needs to be referred to the rehab clinic for medical treatment. She visited the rehab about 30 times in her life.

In 1996, after leaving rehab, she made a comeback in the music industry. Brenda has released several solo albums including No matter whatand It is time, featuring two duets with the Congolese music legend, house fatherand To yell. Almost all of Brenda’s albums have become multi-platinum sellers in South Africa, with Memeza being the best-selling and earning her numerous South African Musci Awards in 1998. She also won the Kora Price for Best Female Artist the following year.

In 2001, Brenda was the subject of a three-page special in Time magazine, which called her a “The Madonna of the Townships.” This demonstrates its international presence and popularity. During the last years of her life, she frequently toured America and the African continent.

Private life

Brenda Fassie’s personal life was the talk of the town during her lifetime. In 1985, she had a son, Thanks, with another Big Dudes musician. Later she got married good luck mbambo in 1989 and a year after their marriage, they were both sued for fraud.

In August 1990, the couple’s divorce was announced on the pages of South African newspapers. Also, Brenda was a drug addict and bisexual, those parts of her got a lot of media attention.


On April 26, 2004, Brenda collapsed in her apartment in BuccleuchGauteng and was rushed to the clinic in Sunning Hill. She reportedly suffered cardiac arrest, but it was later reported that she had fallen into a coma.

For 2 weeks, fans, lovers and family held prayer services to support her. On the May 9, she died. At first, people believed that she died of heart failure due to cardiac arrest. But when the autopsy report was released, it was discovered that she had overdosed on cocaine the night of her collapse.

While she was in the hospital, she was visited by Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki – Best of Thabo Mbeki and Winnie Mandela and his condition was also on the pages of newspapers in South Africa. She died at the age of 39 in hospital. Her family, including longtime partners and colleagues, were by her side when she passed away.

On May 23, his funeral was held in his hometown, Langa. She was succeeded by her 19-year-old son, Bongani Fassie.


In 1996, Brenda won three Kora Price which include the most promising female artist from Africa, best female artist from Africa and another. Brend Fassie also won five South African Music Awards including Best Female Artist and Song of the Year and three more in 1999. She won the Special Jury Prize also in 2001.

In 2004, it won Best Selling of the Decade and Best Song of the Decade. She also won the Life Achievement Award in 2005. His son Bongani known as “Bongz” performed a song, “I’m So Sorry”. He dedicated the song to his mother, on the soundtrack of the 2005 Oscar winner film A shame.

To honor Brenda Fessie, a life-size bronze sculpture by the Johannesburg artist Angus Taylor was erected outside bass line in March 2006.


Solo albums

  • 1987: Brenda
  • 1987: Ag Shame Lovey
  • 1988: Man is Man by Man
  • 1989: Too late for mom
  • 1990: Black President
  • 1991: I’m not a bad girl
  • 1992: Yo Baby
  • 1993: Mom
  • 1994: People Talk
  • 1995: Man Changes
  • 1996: It’s Time
  • 1997: Paparazzi
  • 1998: Scream
  • 1999: Nomakanjani
  • 2000: Finding the ancestors
  • 2001: Let it go
  • 2002: Me and You: Just Me
  • 2003: Mali
  • 2004: Give Me Volume
  • 2004: Greatest Hits: The Queen of African Pop

With big guys

  • 1983: Weekend Special
  • 1984: Cool Spot (EP)
  • 1984: Let’s Stick Together
  • 1985: higher and higher
  • 1985: Touch Somebody (EP)
  • 1986: No No Sir

Brenda Fassie net worth

Brenda is one of the richest pop singers of her life. She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

social media handle

  • Instagram: brenda_fassie_the_legend
  • Twitter: @BrendaLegacy

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