“Both guys pointed their guns at me”

"Both guys pointed their guns at me"

Paul Pogba reportedly gave a statement to police agreeing to pay two gunmen after being held at gunpoint in an alleged extortion attempt.

The incident allegedly took place on March 19 in the Paris suburbs, and it was reported that Pogba paid the extortionists £85,000, although they demanded £11million from him.

Pogba’s brother Mathias was later charged over his alleged involvement in the extortion plot and is currently in police custody.

Four other men, who are believed to be his accomplices, have also been indicted for extortion and criminal association.

Describing what was going through his head when he came face to face with the gunmen, Pogba told police via Le Monde: “I was scared. Both guys pointed their guns at me. So, having been detained like that, under threat, I told them that I was going to pay.

Pogba’s ordeal came to light last month when his brother Mathias threatened to share ‘explosive’ revelations about the former Manchester United star to the public.

The Juventus midfielder responded by revealing he was unsurprised by Mathias’ threat as he revealed he had been held hostage by men armed with assault rifles as part of an attack. a long-running blackmail plot involving his brother.

Mathias denied the accusations made by his brother, calling him a “coward, traitor and hypocrite”.

He also claimed that Pogba met a wizard to put a spell on his international teammate Kylian Mbappe.

Pogba refuted that claim and Mbappe has since denounced the accusation.

“Today I prefer to take my teammate’s word,” he said earlier this month.

“It’s his word against his brother’s word, I’ll believe my teammate.”

Reports in France have now claimed Pogba is under police protection in Italy following the alleged extortion attempt.

The 29-year-old is currently sidelined after undergoing knee surgery and is aiming to return in time for the World Cup which begins in November in Qatar.

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