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Biography of Berri Tiga | Carter Efe | Age | Career

Biography of Berri Tiga |  Carter Efe |  Age |  Career

Agada Blessed Obotu (born October 10, 2000), popularly known as the stage name three bays, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing musical talents. his song with Efe Carter was once at the top of the Apple Music Chart, among other music charts. He came into the limelight after the release of Machala and the controversy over the song later.

Biography of Berri Tiga |  Carter Efe |  Age |  Career

Biography of Berri Tiga

Full name :

The Blesseds of Agada

Date of Birth :

October 10, 2000

Place of birth :

Benue State, Nigeria

State of origin:

Benue State, Nigeria

Social media handles:

Instagram: berry_tiga
Twitter: @ThreeBerri

Youth and education

Berri Tiga was born on October 10, 2000 in Benue State, Nigeria. He did his primary and secondary education in Benue State before moving to French village International College in Badagry, Lagos Statewhere he had a degree in French.


Berri Tiga started recording music in 2016 by covering well-known songs and posting the results on social media. It was signed at big brother management (BBR) Record Label in 2021 after becoming well known for regularly producing the covers. He rose to fame in 2022 after appearing in popular song Machala by Efe Carter. The song was a tribute to Assistantfamous musician.

The song became popular with Wizkid FC and other music fans. The song debuted in the TurnTable Nigeria Top 100 at number two. Moreover, it is at the top of the Apple Music Nigeria Top 100 chart. The song has also become a favorite for bars and public gatherings.

However, in August,Machalawas removed from streaming platforms due to a disagreement over the ownership of the song and the formula for sharing royalties from the song. News of his deletion circulated on social media, but it was reinstated after an agreement was reached between the two artists.

He also expressed his opinion about working with people like Assistant, Burna Boy, Daniel Kizz, davido, dban, Remaand a few other musicians.

Private life

He mainly focuses on his music and there is no evidence that he is married or in a relationship in public.


When Berri said in public that he wrote “Machala” but didn’t get the credit he deserved for his work, he found himself embroiled in controversy. In an Instagram video, he made the announcement and indicated that the 70:30 royalty split was not followed. He went on to say that rather than paying royalties, Efe Carter offered to buy him back for 100,000 naira.

Efe Carter reacted to Tiga’s claim when he said: “Hotkids get a verse for Machala song i say personally producer X to remove it because New cry, tell me Hotkids go get it shine for the song. Now you pretend you get a song for Instagram,”


  • Fire
  • Jo
  • Machala
  • Nobody badder
  • Angelina
  • God

three bays Net value

His estimated net worth is not available.

Social media handles

Instagram: berry_tiga
Twitter: @ThreeBerri

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