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Bandits demand a ransom of 10m Naira to release the corpse of the man they killed after collecting 3m Naira in Kaduna

Bandits demand N10m ransom to release corpse of man they killed after collecting N3m in Kaduna

Bandits have demanded a ransom of 10 million naira for the corpse of the late Obadiah Ibrahim, a victim abducted a few weeks ago in Kaduna State.

The deceased brother, Kefas Obadiah, said in an interview over the weekend that the bandits collected more than 3 million naira in ransom earlier but refused to release the victim who was kidnapped in October 2022.

“My brother’s name is Obadiah Ibrahim, he was abducted in early October first week in Sabon Gaya on his way back from Abuja to Kaduna,” he said.

“Even though I wasn’t the one communicating with the bandits. There was a negotiator. Earlier, the bandits demanded 200 million naira and later settled for over 3 million naira.

“They said we should bring the money. After giving them the ransom, they told us the money was for their foodstuffs which were finished, and we should fetch 15 million naira.

“Later they went down to 5 million naira and three motorbikes and then got a bike back. After we got a bike back, we haven’t heard from them again. We try to communicate with them but unfortunately we don’t we couldn’t.

“Then on Thursday, when the negotiator called them, they said our brother was dead. We thought they were joking.

“They said their own men were arrested by the police, tied to a tree and killed. So they also expressed their anger at our brother because of what the police had done to their brother.

According to them, Ibrahim died on Monday and they informed us on Thursday. We asked for his corpse and they said we should pay them 10 million naira if we want his corpse as they will not work for us for free”

“The bandits also said: ‘This “Allah”, that is to God who created them, if we bring the money, they will release the corpse in three days”.

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