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August Alsina reveals to the world that he is in love with a man (video)

August Alsina reveals to the world that he

Jada Pinkett’s ex August Alsina has come out and revealed he has a boyfriend.

The singer, who had an entanglement with Will Smith’s wife, Jada, introduced her boyfriend named Zu.

At the end of this week’s episode of The Surreal Life, August revealed some personal news on camera.

“I want a love that seems limitless,” August said during his confessional.

He continued, “And then, what do you know? Love came out, but in a new way. I want to share this and really honor the person I love and who loves me back. and teaches me so much about love and healing. I want to do this in front of the world because it challenges all the constructs that one might say love is meant to be or love should look like. “

His boyfriend then came out to join him. August said, “I love you” as the two kissed.

In September, August posted Zu on his Instagram account and even performed on stage with him in DC, but many didn’t realize they were a couple until he recently came out.

August Alsina reveals to the world that he

It comes two years after August revealed to the world that he had an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Watch August step out in the video below.

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