Alpha Condé: Guinea’s controversial president

Guinean military officer says President Alpha Conde arrested, as apparent coup unfolds

Alpha Condé: Guinea’s controversial president

Guineeconakry : Guinean President Alpha Condé who changed the Constitution to allow him to run for a controversial third term has been overthrown by Guinean Special Forces led by Col. Mamadi Doumbouya, the Head of Special Forces.

The coup attempt that started in the morning has succeeded according to media sources. 

Statement from the Head of the Coupe in Guinea. 

Alpha Condé: Guinea’s controversial president

 I’m Dumbuya and I’m forming CNRD which will steer the country through a Transition. I have dissolved the Parliament and Government. I’m ordering the suspension of the Constitution and ordered the closure of the land, border and air space.

My motive for the takeover is because of Rampant corruption, mismanagement and the hardship seen in the country.

Alpha Condé: Guinea’s controversial president

Guinean President Alpha Condé

Sustained gunfire’

Gunfire erupted Sunday in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, in what appeared to be a coup attempt, according to multiple social media postings and witnesses who spoke to CNN . 

Heavily armed soldiers were present in Conakry’s Kaloum area, the site of many government buildings, according to videos shared on social media.

Curfew declared, former ministers summoned

In a later update that was broadcast on state TV, military officers declared a nationwide curfew and said Conde was unharmed.


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