A young widow shares her sad experience with her late husband’s family after his death (video)

Young widow shares her sad experience with her late husband

A young widow recounts all that she has experienced since the death of her husband.

The TikTok user who shared a montage of her and her husband on the platform, revealed she was accused of killing her husband and also called a ‘thief’ for saying he didn’t was not as wealthy as his family members thought.

@kleivmaris.1 also revealed that she had a fight with those her husband trusted the most, a month after his death, and that she and her children were kicked out of his home for refusing to get together. engage in an “evil plan”.

She also revealed that her late husband’s properties had been confiscated and those behind the takeover told her to go and get married as they only knew her children and not her. She further revealed that they said they would keep the properties until her children grow up and come for it.

The TikTok user added that she and her children were barred from her husband’s grave and told never to go near it again as they would disturb his mind.

She also revealed that after trying to return her dowry following the troubles after her husband’s death, her stepfather told her to give the money to her late husband’s spirit.

She concluded by saying that she had to move with her two children to start life over, and they were doing well and happy on their own.

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