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A “doctor” arrested by the police for impersonating and impregnating four women

?Medical Doctor? arrested by Police for impersonation and impregnating four Women

Niger State Police arrested a 24-year-old man, Clement Joseph, for allegedly impersonating a doctor and impregnating four women in the process.

A statement released by State Police Command Spokesperson DSP Wasiu Abiodun said Joseph was arrested on Saturday, November 6, 2022. He added that the suspect was arrested for three offences, including identity theft, fraud and abortion.

According to Abiodun, the suspect deceptively collected money from unsuspecting members of the public to the tune of N280,000 under the false pretense of a bogus online business called ZUGA COINS INT’L business.

”The suspect was arrested for false identity after posing as a doctor and deceptively collecting a sum of money from an unsuspecting member of the public to the tune of two hundred and eighty thousand naira under the false pretense of a fake online business called ZUGA COINS INT’L business”.

Abiodun explained that upon further questioning, the suspect confessed to having illegal carnal relations with four other female victims and impregnating one of them.

According to him, “the suspect conspired with a currently fugitive Aliyu and terminated another victim’s pregnancy.” He said the suspect is in custody and will be brought to justice once the investigation is complete.

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