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A big bear interrupts the marriage proposal (video)

Large bear interrupts wedding proposal (video)

A big bear interrupted a couple’s marriage proposal and the moment was caught on camera.

Ricardo Morales’ proposed to Cecilia Canabal last week at the Chipinque Ecological Park in Cerro de Chipinque, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

In the video, Morales is seen on his knees, asking his now-fiancée the question in front of rose petals and lighted letters reading “marry me”, when the bear enters the scene.

“The incident happened right after the ‘yes’ when I was going to put the ring on her,” Morales told Jam Press.

“That’s when we heard the waiters/gardeners telling us ‘don’t be afraid'”.

A big bear interrupts the marriage proposal (video)

They then turned around and saw a “giant shadow” approaching them “climbing the steps of the terrace”.

“We said to ourselves ‘don’t move’, which is why we are static in the video when the bear passed. It then climbed a wall and entered a garden,” he continued.

A big bear interrupts the marriage proposal (video)

The couple remained “static” as the bear waltzed through their special moment, and after it finally passed, Canabal said “yes.”

Watch the video below.

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