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20-year-old Nigerian rescued from prostitution ring in India

Human trafficking: 20-year-old Nigerian woman rescued from prostitution ring in India

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) together with the city police and the NGO Shakti Vahini have rescued a 20-year-old Nigerian woman who was trafficked to India from Nigeria.

According to a statement released on Saturday, November 12, 2022, the commission received information from the NGO on Thursday regarding a woman who was trafficked to Delhi on October 24 on a tourist visa with the promise of employment.

However, the traffickers held her captive, took away her passport and forced her into prostitution.

Somehow, she managed to send her brother her location in Talak Nagar, West Delhi. His brother then contacted the NGO.

A team from the commission, along with the Delhi police and the NGO, raided the scene in Tilak Nagar and rescued the woman.

The woman told police there were many other women in captivity from the traffickers, who were lured away from African countries with the promise of lucrative jobs and forced into sex work, the statement said.

The DCW commission issued a notice to the city police and requested a report on action taken on the matter, and requested a copy of the FIR as well as details of those arrested, according to the statement.

In her statement, DCW chief Swati Maliwal said the commission had also asked for details of police efforts to recover other women.

“We received the complaint of a Nigerian woman being held captive by traffickers. Our team immediately contacted the Delhi Police and rescued her. We are receiving many cases of foreign nationals being trafficked in Delhi,” said she declared.

“Recently, a case regarding the trafficking of Uzbek women was also received by the commission. The Delhi police should thoroughly investigate these international rackets and arrest the kingpins. These rackets must be dismantled in order to save the lives of thousands of women, forced into commercial sexual exploitation and debt bondage by traffickers”.

Human trafficking: 20-year-old Nigerian rescued from prostitution ring in India

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