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11-year-old girl tortured to death by her guardian in Jos

11 year old girl tortured to death by her guardian in Jos

An 11-year-old girl, identified as Margaret Joshua, died in Jos following alleged physical abuse by her guardian, Ms Nneamaka Nwachuku, a microbiologist who works at one of Vom’s research institutes, Jos South , Plateau local government area. State.

Vanguard reports that the victim from Kebbi State and fleeing insecurity in his community was taken to the defendant who offered to help him.

The alleged abuser, a mother of two who did not enroll the victim in any school for over a year the girl had been with her, allegedly engaged in the daily beating of the girl until she eventually dies as a result of the assault. It has been alleged that after a recent beating the girl was forced to sit in a container with hot water which burned her buttocks and that she died in hospital on Monday November 14.

Plateau State Coordinator of the National Human Rights Commission, Grace Pam, whose office is following the case, told Vanguard that based on the number of scars and wounds on her body, her guardians must have subjected her to a series of tortures during the time she remained with the family.

“Our attention was drawn to the situation on Monday by a hospital staff member who said an 11-year-old girl had been badly beaten and injured by her guardian Mrs Nneamaka Nwachukwu in Vom. The girl had scars and burns on her body. We were told she was taken to Mandela Hospital in Kaduna Vom before being sent back to Jos.

When some of our staff met Mrs. Nwachukwu at Vom police station where she was detained, she confessed that she beat her and claimed that the girl used to masturbate, so she punished her so that she can stop. She claimed she didn’t know what was happening to her because she felt bad every time she beat the child. Pam said

Speaking about the burns on the victim’s buttocks, the guard said;

“She fell into hot water and ran away from home after the incident for nearly 24 hours.”

It is however understood that someone saw the traumatized girl on the street and took her to Kaduna Vom police station. Security guards then took the girl to hospital before calling the attention of her guardian as Ms Pam grew concerned that ‘no action has been taken to care for the girl in her condition for about 24 hours until someone sees her and takes her to the police station.”

It was also found that this was not the first time the Nwachukwus had assaulted the girl, as the police had previously warned them about abusing the girl and asked them to return her to her parents. The alleged guardians have not met the girl’s parents who are in Kebbi State, but are said to have spoken to them on the phone.

However, the case has been transferred from Kaduna Police Station to Jos Police Headquarters as investigations continue.

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