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10 million Ukrainians without electricity after Russian missile strikes

Russia-Ukraine war: 10 million Ukrainians without power after Russian missile strikes

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said 10 million Ukrainians were without power after a new wave of missile strikes by Russia killed at least seven people.

On Thursday, November 17, Russia pounded Ukrainian missiles, hitting more energy facilities and civilian buildings less than two days after one of its heaviest bombardments to date.

In Kyiv, emergency power cuts mean that millions of people have no heating in their homes.

Those suffering from power outages are mainly in the capital, Kyiv, the western city of Vinnytsia, the port city of Odessa in the southwest and Sumy in the northeast, according to Zelensky.

“We are doing everything to normalize the supply,” Zelensky said in his speech on Thursday, November 17.

He said Ukrainian air defense managed to shoot down six cruise missiles and five drones.

Local air defenses swung into action and military authorities reported that four Iranian-made cruise missiles and five drones had been shot down.

Seven people died when a missile hit their building in Vilnyansk, near the southern city of Zaporizhzhia, the Ukrainian presidency said.

Other strikes on infrastructure as well as civilian injuries also took place in the southern Odessa region and in Kharkiv in the north.

Zelensky said that Russia does not want peace, but brings its compatriots “only as much pain and suffering as possible”.

The Ukrainian leader reiterated his calls for Ukraine’s partners to offer “full protection of Ukrainian skies”, saying this would encourage Russia to end the war.

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